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What’s new in Bosch RefinemySite?

A tablet with a KPI dashboard in RefinemySite on the left and a mobile phone with the RefinemySite app on the right on a construction site.

Here’s a recap of all the new features recently added to RefinemySite. If you have questions about getting the most out of these new features, reach out to your customer success manager. Not a RefinemySite user yet? Contact our team for a 1:1 demo to learn how you can start running projects more collaboratively and efficiently with our Lean-based field planning platform.

Easily import and export Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project files

This new feature enables users to import and export project files between Oracle Primavera P6 or MS Project and Bosch RefinemySite.

Save time during project setup with the ability to import your master schedule from MS Project or P6, including work areas, disciplines, tasks, milestones, and dependencies. Note that data can only be imported into new projects in RefinemySite that do not yet have data entered in them.

Generate stakeholder reports more easily with the option to export data from RefinemySite to P6, MS Project, or any other project planning tool that support .xml file formats. Exportable data includes work areas, disciplines, tasks, task schedules, milestones, and dependencies.

RefinemySite Illustration Import & Export
Export data

Plan around obstacles smoothly with bulk shift

Users can now select multiple tasks and milestones and shift them by days or weeks. Tasks that have already been completed will not be shifted and will generate a notification. Users are then notified once the items have been shifted successfully. This feature is particularly useful for projects that encounter serious blockers that need to be planned around.

Quickly filter by milestones

Users can now filter by milestones within the calendar to focus on specific areas of work. This helps you and your team easily access detailed milestones and visualize work packages to plan more accurately.

Opened calendar

Add photos and comments directly within the task drawer

Recent improvements to the task drawer (the panel that displays details about a specific task) now allow users to view all task documentation and add photos and comments without exiting the calendar view. Photos and documentation can be added within the mobile app.

In our construction site app, images can easily be linked directly to tasks. So they are directly accessible in the calendar. In this way, you can get more out of your construction meetings by making current events more visual and therefore understandable for the whole team. Comments can be added directly to the documentation.

Here is the app for iOS and Android devices:

RefinemySite in the Apple App Store

RefinemySite in the Google Play Store

Android & iOS QR Codes for RefinemySite Mobile App
Download the app now for free!

We hope you find these updates useful out in the field. Please share your feedback about how you’re using them, and what else you’d like to see added to Bosch RefinemySite to further empower collaboration on your projects.