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RefinemySite: Construction project management system for digital collaboration

Tablet and cell phone with RefinemySite screen on the construction site

If you’re utilizing Lean or BIM construction management, a building project management software such as RefinemySite can boost communication and productivity on the jobsite. Constraints and inefficiencies directly impact your team members, so empowering them to optimize workflows and participate in planning can reduce resource waste. But to successfully improve jobsite productivity, your team needs to stay in sync and jobsite details must be transparent. Even with the best construction project management software, teams can fail due to communication breakdowns and information silos. Digital collaboration creates opportunities to solve these challenges and build trust, empowerment, and responsibility amongst team members.

Developed by Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, a division of the Robert Bosch Group, RefinemySite is one of the top construction project management software applications available on the market and provides a streamlined solution for digital collaboration. This easy-to-use, digital construction job tracking software allows teams to plan, communicate, and document jobsite changes in real time.

Bosch RefinemySite utilizes analytics and dashboards to effectively track teams’ progress in building construction projects. In this way, our construction management software ensures the on- and off-site organization of team members, subcontractors, and tradespeople. It can improve work visibility, communication, and collaboration between different teams to increase jobsite productivity and keep track of unforeseeable changes. Your firm can more effectively implement the Last Planner System® (LPS) by digitizing and documenting workflow components, such as:

  • Process analysis: Clarify the logic behind plans and structures with input from all participating team members
  • Milestone planning: Define and clarify goals every week for each phase of the project
  • 6-week look-ahead: Makes tasks ready with constraint indicators visible to all team members
  • Daily huddles and weekly planning: Prepare, review, and coordinate work between trades through day cards that add greater clarity of workflow
  • Continuous improvement: Review task planning reliability, clearly identifying areas of improvement that will support project success

RefinemySite is a project management software specifically designed for the construction industry, which can empower individual team members to optimize processes and eliminate inefficiencies, while also collaborating across the entire jobsite.

Project information traditionally captured on sticky notes and whiteboards becomes easily accessible via simple templates and lists integrated within the construction project management software, which can then be shared across computers and smart devices to all team members in real time from any location.

After a one-time registration, your site managers and trade contractors will have an intuitive and user-friendly tool for real-time updates and collaboration. Structured similarly to popular social media platforms, RefinemySite empowers those who perform the work to share in the planning of the work. It also incorporates the PPC (percent plan complete) Lean construction management metric to offer a more precise overview of project performance.

RefinemySite project management software makes your jobsites more attractive to subcontractors and tradespeople by giving them clear information to help reduce common pain points like trade stacking, unavailable equipment, unreliable material deliveries and incorrect time estimates. Our project management software is designed for large and small construction businesses and firms committed to the digitalization their workflow and encourages everyone onsite to contribute to a project’s outlined goals and keep meetings concise and action oriented.