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Customer story

albrings + müller & fischer Consulting: RefinemySite is the platform for transparent communication and collaboration

A project team on a construction site uses RefinemySite on a tablet with the calendar and a day card open.
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albrings + müller ag offers its clients comprehensive real estate consulting and project development services backed by technical and commercial expertise. During the development of the corporate campus of Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung, a large health insurer, RefinemySite was successfully applied in the planning process.

With the help of the construction management software RefinemySite, they optimized planning processes, increased planning quality, and achieved a reliable schedule.

The clear strength of RefinemySite is its easy and intuitive use. Within a very short time, you're able to work effectively and efficiently with the software.

Diego Meissinger, Senior Project Manager at fischer Consulting GmbH

How users benefit from RefinemySite:


Complex construction projects involve many project team members, and are characterized by distinct dynamics. This often leads to a lack of transparency and increased coordination efforts. As a result, it’s difficult to keep all parties fully aware of the current project status, and project team members have to respond quickly to changes. This frequently leads to delays in project execution.


The use of RefinemySite construction management software brought all parties together digitally. All project participants were provided with a central, easily accessible information platform enabling them to collaborate digitally in a more integrated manner on a holistic scale. This allowed all project members to start digital planning from the project’s early stages and to streamline the planning processes.

What's more, three additional methodologies were used to address the project’s challenges: joint identification and scheduling of work packages per project phase, regular Lean meetings, and the mutual presentation of the planners’ respective planning statuses to each other and the owner at predefined points to receive timely feedback on necessary adjustments and dependencies.


Joint, digital project planning — supported by RefinemySite — enabled all project participants to:

  • be involved at an early stage
  • plan timelines realistically, schedule them properly, and adhere to them
  • document and view processes, work packages and dependencies in a way that is visible to everyone
  • receive project updates at any time and from any location
  • make coordination more targeted and efficient

With the help of RefinemySite, we were able to digitally adapt the Last Planner System®. The tool was the basis for cooperative collaboration across the project team, and for transparency through all processes.

Dr. Christian Kron, Partner at albrings + müller ag

Collaboration between many project participants on one platform

RefinemySite enabled all parties to collaborate digitally, create transparency, build trust, and thereby achieve project success.

Owner’s representative: albrings + müller AG
Process consulting: fischer Consulting GmbH
Owner: SDK - Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung a.G.
Construction partner: BAM Deutschland AG

About Bosch RefinemySite

Bosch RefinemySite is a cloud-based construction collaboration platform that applies Lean principles to enable your entire team — from owners to trade contractors — to plan accurately, communicate clearly, and execute work efficiently. The easy-to-use digital platform empowers your team, builds trust, creates a culture of responsibility, and enhances communication.

At Bosch, we have over 100 years of experience empowering teams on the construction site. But our expertise isn’t limited to power tools. We’re global leaders in technology with an emphasis on digital solutions, and our vision is to build a connected ecosystem for Lean, BIM, and IoT.