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General contractors rely on Bosch RefinemySite

RefinemySite construction management software helps you streamline project planning and keep your teams more productive on site.

Time is money — we’ll give you more of both

Illustration in which a manager and a worker shake hands

Use Bosch RefinemySite to create transparent and reliable schedules with all stakeholders both on and off the construction site and secure the commitment of all team members.

Benefit from the advantages of a digital collaboration platform: An always up-to-date, reliable, and transparent schedule, that keeps all trades aware of the tasks that need to be completed. This ensures that the project team can quickly and confidently make decisions to avoid downtime, so that you can complete projects on time and on budget.

Bosch RefinemySite notifies trade partners in real time about changes that affect their work. The tool also clearly highlights potential conflicts with downstream tasks and milestones due to delays and helps you to find solutions with all stakeholders at an early stage.