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Trade partners make better plans with Bosch RefinemySite

RefinemySite construction management software facilitates intuitive collaboration across all trade disciplines — giving you complete transparency and greater control over your work.

Plan in collaboration with other trades — so that the site is ready for you when you arrive

A foreman performs excavation work in preparation for laying pipes.

Since Bosch RefinemySite is based on the Last Planner System® (LPS), the planning of tasks is based on the assumption that trade partners can perform their work without restrictions. However, to ensure smooth execution of the work, the planning must be done hand-in-hand with the other trades. This enables you as a project team to identify and eliminate delays and potential planning conflicts in advance and to reliably schedule your work resources.

The Bosch RefinemySite team pays particular attention to ensuring that our platform is intuitive and easy to use, so that trades can be onboarded quickly and get back to building faster.